“Iran Stone Consortium”

Here we gathered to exhibit elegance and ultimate elite products and services to all.. because we believe in the power of gathering.

Fast delivery:

There are 30,000 Sqm of Tiles , Slabs , and 20,000 Ton blocks in our stock yard ready to ship & within two days after your order could be transferred to the port of your choice within 3 or 4 days.

HIGHEST QUALITY of custom manufacturing:

Our most modern Italian machineries like Pedrini & …… with professional staff & quality control team system will give excellent quality of production & unique packing. The focus of Iran Stone Consortium is to offer a selection of Iran natural marble and travertine highest quality for first time and to fabricate the material using the highest standards of technology and craftsmanship.

Unique services:

Our professional team will look after you from begging of your order & sending report time to time up to get your satisfaction & any unconvinced will be compensated by replacing of martial or payment by company.

Good price:

Due to the quality of our productions our price are reasonable not cheap, so we believe you will be satisfied & happy from your purchasing .